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Keeping Our Air Clean

Who We Are

FIC Smog – “First in California”

FIC Smog has never been cited with any violations from the State of California. Smog stations are monitored by the Bureau of Automotive repair to ensure that all inspections are performed according to law. You should check to see if a smog test facility has been given citations before allowing your vehicle to be tested. Click here to verify FIC record: License Search for Smog Check Station

Bryan White, Owner

Bryan White, Owner

Bryan has been in the automotive industry since 1975 and had opened an automotive repair business in Encinitas in 1984. He is the owner and operator of FIC Smog since 2003. Bryan is licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as a California Smog Technician.

Keeping Our Air Clean

Bryan believes that owning a smog station is a rewarding business because it keeps our air clean and makes each person accountable for what is emitted into the air we breathe. Test-Only facilities are licensed Smog Check stations that, by law, are only allowed to test vehicles; they cannot repair them. This ensures the integrity of the program and gives you an unbiased smog check.

Contact Information for Encinitas Smog

Call 760-943-1600 for your appointment or go directly to FIC Smog.

Dog Friendly Station

FIC Smog, an Encinitas Test-Only Smog shop is dog friendly so bring your pet in while you wait. You and your pooch will only have to wait about 20 minutes from start to finish. When you get your car smogged, you’re helping keep our beautiful Californian air clean and healthy.